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Trees and People Need Each Other

Trees are good to us. They clean the air we breathe, provide shade, reduce noise pollution, serve as wind breaks and increase the beauty and value or our home. Recent studies have shown that the mere presence of trees in the landscape help soothe us and reduce stress.

Like all living things, trees too are subject to their share of problems (insects, disease, construction damage). To continue enjoying the benefits of trees it is important to provide them with routine inspections and proper maintenance (at least once a year). These services, when performed by a qualified tree care profession (arborist). can prevent or reduce the severity of future insect, disease and environmental problems that can ultimately kill trees.

This website discusses tree problems and hazards and outlines the preventative and remedial tree care services that Bluechip Tree Company provides. Continue on and find out how people can be good for trees.

Insurance Coverage

Bluechip Tree Company provides complete insurance coverage. Beware of low bids from tree service contractors, often this indicates little or no insurance coverage. Because accidents do happen, even to the most experienced tree service, it's imperative customers ask to see the tree service contractors certificate of insurance.