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Wood and Brush Chipping Service

  Bluechip Tree Company provides complete or partial tree disposal. Quite often customers keep what can be used as firewood and we process the rest - branches, twigs, leaves - by chipping the debris at the jobsite. The resulting wood chips are an ideal mulch material that we can leave for the customers use or we can haul it away.

Mulch... A Tree's Best Friend

Mulch is any organic material applied on the soil at the base of trees. Some good choices of material are leaf litter, shredded bark and trigs and wood chips.

Mulch is called a "Trees Best Friend" because it...
• Helps to retain soil moisture.
• Eliminates weeds and grass that compete with trees for water and nutrition.
• Increases soil fertility when mulches, such as wood chips decompose.
• Improves Appearance.
• Protects the trunk from mowing equipment.
• Improves soil structure (better aeration, temperature and moisture conditions).

All of these functions contribute to a significant increase in root development which in turn leads to an increased growth of the tree's crown. To be most effective, mulch should be placed two to four inches deep and extend as far as possible from the base of the tree (at least two feet for young trees). When possible, mulch should extend two to three times the branch spread of the tree. It is important to keep mulch from the stems and trunk of your trees. Periodically more mulch will need to be added as it biodegrades.