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Tree Inspection and Consultation

  Trees are continually assaulted with innumerable problems and abuses: insect pests, disease, drought, storm damage, over fertilizing, improper pruning and construction damage. Bluechip Tree Company provides thorough tree inspection, evaluating all of these potential problems before any treatment is performed. Regular tree inspection is a major component of an effective tree maintenance program. Curing a problem once it develops is much more difficult, time consuming and more costly than preventing one.

Protecting Trees During Construction

Every year many valuable trees are killed during the construction of homes and other buildings. Attempts to preserve specimen trees usually fail resulting from a lack of knowledge about the protection and care needed by established trees. Bluechip Tree Company offers the professional consultation necessary to successfully preserve trees during construction. Working together we develop plans for tree protection that are practical, cost effective and successful.

What Causes Construction Damage to Trees?

Of the many construction activities that injure trees none are as damaging as those imposed on the root system. The tree's root system is by far the most misunderstood and abused part of the tree. Any disturbance and alteration to the soil will adversely affect tree roots and their ability to receive adequate water, oxygen and nutrients. As energy reserves are exhausted, the tree becomes stressed and eventually dies.

Conditions that cause damage to the roots include:
• Compacting the soil around roots
• Grading soil over roots
• Grading soil away from roots
• Severing roots
• Changes in drainage patterns

The vast majority of tree's roots are within one foot of the soil surface and extend outward from the trunk much farther than the longest branches (dripline). Saving trees during construction means protecting the root system from damaging activities.