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  Sometimes, despite the greatest efforts at rejuvination, a tree dies and must be removed. Dead trees are hazardous and could cause considerable damage to buildings, cars, power lines or even people if not removed promptly. However, a tree doesn't necessarily have to be dead to be a candidate for removal without close inspection, some trees appear healthy but can possess obvious or obscure structural defects (ie decay, cracks, root rot) that can lead to tree failure. Undetected these "hazard trees" can injure people or damage property.

Bluechip Tree Company intensively evaluates individual trees, assesing their hazard potential before recomending removal or any other treatment. If removal is necessary we provide expert service, specializing in the removal of large and difficult trees. In addition we perform promptextrication, removal and repair of storm damaged trees.

Identifying Hazard Trees

By defenition, a hazard situation requires the presence of both a defective tree and a target. Unless a target is present, a tree cannot be hazardous, even if the tree contains extensive defects. Structures, buildings, parking areas, power lines and areas where people frequent or congregate are all potential targets. If a target and one or more of the following tree hazards exist for your trees contact Bluechip Tree Company for advice and remedial treatment.
Lean - Does the tree have an unnatural lean? Is there mounding or cracking of the soil at the base of the trunk?
Root Rot - Are there fungus fruit bodies mushrooms on roots or base of tree (root collar)?
Cracks/Splits - Are there deep open cracks below joining stems (crotches), or in the trunk and branches?
Dead Branches - Are there dead branches and tops? Is the tree dead?
Fruiting Bodies - Are there mushrooms or conks present along the trunk or branches indicating extensive decay?
Cankers - Are there dead spots (cankers) on the tree or any other external wounds?
Cavities - Are there bird nesting holes or other cavities in the trunk or branches?
Insects - Is there visible insect activity? Look for accumulations of fine sawduct (insect frass) at the base of the tree indicating the presence of carpenter ants or borers.